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How to double your SaaS retention with Automated Personalised Videos?

Great ideas can come from anywhere. Especially if you keep an open mind.

August 28, 2022
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Great ideas can come from anywhere. Especially if you keep an open mind. 

Right at the end of 2019 I stumbled upon a video recorded by a young guy (Max Maher). At the time his channel had around 1000 subscribers. Now it's close to 1 Million subscribers.

In the video he talks about sending out personal videos to 500 potential customers who enquired about his services.

His results were:

  • $20k in Sales 
  • 6% increment on their usual sales. 

You can watch the entire video here: 

This is the video that led me to send out 10 personal videos to High Profile guests for my podcast and got 8 of them book and interviewed.

Eventually that little success resulted in us starting development on Vumu.

Sending out 1-1 videos is great. For us it has trumped any other form of outreach. 

But what do you do when you get 100s of customers signing up every week? Or heck, even a handful.

If you run a bootstrapped Startup like we do, you know your time is spread thin across a ton of things. 

Even though sending out personal 1-1 videos is one of the highest leverage activities you can do, sometimes you JUST DON'T HAVE TIME….

So we just went ahead and automated it…. 

Each customer that signs up and logs in, gets a personal welcome video from me…. 

There are multiple ways you can set this up. But I highly recommend you follow the exact steps written below. We have tested it and it works like a charm. 

That personal touch from you, will take retention through the roof. 

Think about it… When was the last time you signed up for a Saas and got a personal video from the Founder? I am guessing it's been a while… 

Best thing is if you take a little time to set it up once…You can just sit back and let the magic happen… Hence the promise of Vumu i.e Personalized Video outreach at scale….

How does the entire workflow look?

In a Nutshell it's going to look like this:

  1. Your Customer Signs up. 
  2. Customer is Sent to your Vumu Account. 
  3. A Vumu Automation gets triggered and sends out an email and SMS (if you have the customer’s phone number) with the personalized video. 
  4. Customer gets the ‘Personal Welcome Email by the Founder’ and opens it. 
  5. They see a Gif with you holding a Placard with their name on it. 
  6. They click on the gif and land on the personal video landing page. 
  7. The Landing page is also personalized with their Name etc. 
  8. They watch the welcome video from you. 

That alone would be enough to tremendously improve your retention. 

But then you can do something really ninja here. 

  1. As soon as the customer starts to watch the video, you will get a notification via Email and InApp. It's the best time to start talking to the customer as they are already engaged after getting a video from you. 
  2. (Coming Soon) You can instantly start chatting with the customer (using Vumu Chatbot) as they are watching the video. Best time to engage them and get them to buy your upsell, give feedback etc.

Let's get you all set up…… 


In order for you to automate this entire playbook, you will need a Zapier Subscription

Ensure your customer data is sent to Zapier. The data you need to send to Zapier includes:

  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number (Optional)
  • Tag: ‘Customer’

We recommend sending this data to Zapier once your standard Welcome email has been sent to the customer.

Here is a guide on how to do integrations with Zapier. 

Create Assets:

1. Create a video 

Now it's time to create a video that will be sent out to your customers. 

Here is a guide on how to record the video.. 

Here are some sample scripts you can choose from:


2. Create Personalized Landing page 

Let’s personalize the Landing page. 

  1. Click on Personalisation tab.
  2. Click on Personalized Landing Pages
  3. Click on New Page
  4. Choose the video just that was just recorded.
  5. Add {First Name} tag in the heading.
  6. Add {First Name} tag in the title.
  7. Ask them to preview.
  8. Once they are happy, they should press 'Save and Next'
  9. Tell them thats Landing Personalisation done.

Click here to see step by step article to create personalized Landing page.

3. Create Personalized Image

Now we are going to a Personalized Image that will be added in your welcome email. 

  1. Take a quick Photo of you holding a placard.  
  2. Click Personalise Image
  3. Click on "New Image"
  4. Click o "Start from Scratch"
  5. Click on "Set background" and upload the photo of you holding placard.
  6. Add Text on 'Hey {First.Name} just recorded a quick video for you'.
  7. Preview
  8. Click on 'Save and Next'
  9. Add the personalised Landing page to it.

Click here to see step by step article to create personalized image.

Set up Email address:

Vumu gives you facility to add your gmail account. You can add multiple gmail account and set one of them as default.

That ensures better deliverability and open rates. 

Here is a guide on how to add gmail account.. 

Click here to set up an gmail address with your Vumu account

Create Email and SMS copy: 

We have added Few Email and SMS scripts. Please have a look, choose 1 script each for the Email and SMS. 

Note: Only choose an SMS script if you have Phone numbers of your contacts and plan to send them out.

Email Scripts

<Add Email script link>

SMS Scripts (Coming Soon)

<Add Email script link>

Zapier integration with Vumu

Click here to set up Zapier integration with Vumu 

Automation Set up

  1. Click on Automations
  2. Click on New automation
  3. Choose a name for Automation 'Welcome New Customers'
  4. Click on Trigger. Choose Contact Added
  5. Add a Condition. 'Tag' 'is' 'Customer'
  6. Add an Action. Wait 1 hour.
  7. Add an Action. Send Email Within the email. Add the email copy from the steps above. Add the personalised image they created.
  8. Save
  9. Add an action. Send SMSWithin the SMS. Add the SMS copy from the steps above. Add the personalise image they created.

Here is a guide on how to setup automation..

Notifications Set up 

You will get a notification once a customer lands on the video page and also on starts to watch the video. These notification will appear into your email and also on the Vumu dashboard. It's the best time to start interacting with them. 

Ensure the correct notifications are set up. Follow the instructions below to Enable the Notification settings:

  1. Click on the "Profile Icon" which is at the top right corner of your dashboard screen.
  2. Choose the "Settings" option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Go to the "Notifications" page from the left panel.
  4. All the notifications settings are available on the page.

Chatbot Set up (Coming Soon)

As soon as your customer starts to watch a video, they also see a chatbot popup that displays a message to start engaging with them.

It gives the customer an illusion that someone is chatting with them live. As soon as they reply, you get a notification and you start chatting with them live. 

<Show steps on how to set up the chatbot>

Test and Tweak:

  • Test each contact is getting added to Vumu correctly. 
  1. Check inside Vumu contacts for details
  • Email address is correct as set up. 
  • SMS is going out (Coming Soon). 
  • Test the video and landing page on mobile and multiple browsers. 
  • Stats are being shown. 


  • Be ready to get notifications. Start engaging with them. 
  • View Stats.
  • View replies in the inbox.
  • View replies in contacts

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