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Welcome New Customers with a Personalised Video

A personalised welcome video can help to set expectations and provide valuable information to your new customers. By highlighting the benefits of working with your company, you can help your new customers understand the value that you can provide.

March 8, 2023
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A personalised welcome video is an effective way to make a positive first impression and build a strong relationship with your new customers. By creating a video that speaks directly to your new customer, you can show them that you care about their business and that you are committed to their success.


  1. Set up integration 
  2. Create a template to reuse 

How to create a template 

Manual Vs Automated

Manual is recommended as that is a lot more personal. However automated takes out the hassle of recording new videos all the time. They just have to record one video and that's it. 



  • As soon as a new contact is added to Vumu, they will get an email notification. 
  • Find the Contact by clicking on email
  • Record a video from within the Contact profile.
  • Preview and send
  • Look out for replies in the inbox.   


Note: This is not fully automated. That feature is being launched next week starting 8 August 2022. 


  • Create personalized Landing page 
  • Create an image. E.g Create an image of themselves holding a board with <First.Name> and welcome message. At the last step, add the personalized Landing page behind it. 
  • They just have to create this once for all future customers. 
  • Repeat the steps from ‘Manual’. Only this time, they don't have to record a video every time. They can choose the personalized image they created and just send that over. Their customer will click on the image and land onto the personalized landing page. 

Hammad Akbar

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