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Common questions

Without using any of the worn-out, run of the mill client getting strategies like:

✖️ Cold Calling
✖️Assembling a massive list of      prospects and bombarding them  with crummy cold emails!
✖️ Spending a small fortune on ads
✖️ Spamming your prospects’ DMs on social media
✖️ Building a “big name” or a brand. 

What is This Technology?

Vumu is a brand-new counter-intuitive approach to landing clients. The app allows  you to create hyper personalized Videos, Images and Landing pages in a few simple clicks. 

How does Vumu Work?

Let’s say you want this particular image to feature your prospect’s first name. Though in reality, it can include any attribute you want – company name, company logo, the name of his dog, whatever info you have and want to use.

Personalized Images!

Take a look at this image.

Let’s say you want this particular image to feature your prospect’s first name. Though in reality, it can include any attribute you want – company name, company logo, the name of his dog, whatever info you have and want to use.

But for the sake of simplicity let’s go with the first name. 

Further, let’s say you include this image in your email and send it out to 2 prospects. Their names are 'Mark' and 'Jane'.

You could send this image to thousands of prospects.​ And for each of them, the image would feature their own first name or whatever attribute you’ve included.

Here are some of the 1000s of Personalised Images our early customer Deon 

created within minutes for 1000s of his prospects…

Is this something your prospect has never seen before?

Chances are super high – it is.

Can a prospect resist clicking on this image?

Most of the time –

he can’t. But let’s press on and take a look at the…

Landing Pages!

The landing pages work in a similar fashion to dynamic images. First, you specify what attributes

you want to be displayed on the landing page. It takes less than a minute to do. 

Again – it can be anything: location, company name, first name, last name, company logo, details from their personal lives… ANY INFO YOU HAVE.

For example, let’s say you’ve set up the landing page so it displays your prospect’s first name, the name of the company, company’s location, website and logo. 

It would look something like this:

And, let's say Jane, from the previous example runs a company, “Fun Widgets Inc” in Columbus, Ohio.

Again – you could send thousands of prospects to this page, and the page would change to match the personal attributes of each of them.

This, of course, will make every single one of your prospects think the page was built specifically for them.

Here are some of the 1000s of Personalized landing pages our early customer Deon 

created within minutes for 1000s of his prospects…

This tackles multiple psychological angles:

Now, let’s spice things up a little bit more with…

Personalized Videos!

You can record a video using Vumu’s Chrome Extension or web recorder.

Let us include a personalized video on the landing page. And offer to book a meeting with us right inside the video.Now, again, each one of your prospects will see a video tailored for them.

Following up with Jane’s example, to her, the video would look like this:

For Mark, it will look like this,

Here are some of the 1000s of Personalized videos our early customer Alex 

created within minutes for 1000s of his prospects…

Other Benefits you get with Vumu:

Video Emails

Use Vumu Email sender to send personalized Videos to 1000s of your prospects. 

Vumu also provides integration with Gmail to ensure maximum deliverability. You can integrate your own Gmail account with Vumu.

SMS Sender

SMS typically gets 80-90% open rates. 

Use Vumu SMS sender to send out 1000s of Personalized messages to your prospects via SMS.

With Vumu you can get your own long form SMS number.


Manage all your prospects in one place.

Vumu has a built-in CRM for you to upload all your contacts and send personalized messages.

All your communication with your prospects can be managed from Vumu All-In-One Inbox. 


Why bother manually sending personalized messages, when you can automate your entire personalized outreach?

With Vumu Automations you can set up automations to send out personalized messages as soon as they:

All your communication with your prospects can be managed from Vumu All-In-One Inbox. 

  • Sign up for your service
  • Show interest
  • Or manually get added to your Vumu account as a contact

You can set up Email and SMS automations. 

Trusted by 1000+ users from across the globe

Vumu is being used by Sales & Marketing Professionals, Coaches, SaaS Founders, Agency Businesses and more ...

After using the software for a week now, I’ve had time to explore and learn a lot about its many features that are great for video recording + outreach. I’ve used hippo video in the past but will be moving to Vumu since it has everything I need and more.

KMO Media
Appsumo Plus Member

Personalization on your fingertips…If you are looking for futuristic technology than VUMU is the one. Personalized video at scale is amazing and one of the best platforms. I can’t wait to use and see so many features. Without a doubt 5 tacos…

Appsumo Member

I have a digital marketing agency and we find using recorded videos for communicating with clients and team members is essential for asynchronous comms and keep projects moving forward with a remote workforce.

Kevin Everzocial
CEO Digital Marketing Agency

Vumu is a really awesome tool it has a wonderful feature that will help me to get clients by outreach because it was so many niche base landing pages with Video adding features. so I can send personalized videos for each client and the response rate will be higher.

Arifur Rahman
Appsumo Member

Cool ProductExcellent product- it does what it says it would do. Excellent price for a valuable tool!

Appsumo Plus Member

I tried a lot but Vumu is PromisingYes, I agree it's a Loom alternative. But needs a lot of improvement. Like some parts are loaded with bugs. But it is considered at this point. Cause All Deals available on As not all of them are mature. Most of them need improvements.

Appsumo Plus Member

Vumu takes the time to onboard each client personally and introduce the tool and answer questions.The tool has a lot of potential. I haven't used it yet but I am going to test it in some of my next manual outreach campaigns.

Appsumo Plus Member

I bought all 5 Tier Levels VUMU is offering on AppSumo and truly felt as if I had robbed the Bank!. If you haven't already bought this offer you are going to regret it!

SearchLight Local
Appsumo Plus Mebmer

A great product with a lot of features coming in. I had an onboarding call with the team, and it was great.
I see a lot of use cases for this service, so I would love to keep getting updates.

Camilo Buitrago
Appsumo Plus Member

After purchasing this tool, I was up and running in minutes. Easy to setup and use.Lots of training and resources. The features are already amazing, but if you sneak over to their roadmap, they're about to add a whole bunch more.

Royal Rock13
Appsumo Member

The platform is very easy to use and they make easy to reach new prospects with a video. Customer service is responsive and helpful with questions as they arose. This is a must have if you want to build rapport with new prospects!

Mr Nan
AppSumo Plus Member

A quick look under the hood reveals a huge selection of outreach templates with a lot of editable text to help get things rolling. You basically choose a template, edit the landing page text and replace it with your video. Drop-dead simple to hit the ground running!

Appsumo Plus Member

Having lifetime video storage is worth the price alone but the tools are a really interesting take on Digital marketing outreach. Yet to really try using it as a loom alternative platform but interesting all round

Appsumo Plus Member

They onboard every new customer personally, take the time to explain the features and answer questions.The tool seems to have great potential for personalized outreach, I haven't used it yet but will try it out soon.

Appsumo Plus Member

I want to appreciate team vumu who are really attentive to feedback and support is quick, they helped with onboarding and the UI looks clean and nice I've used similar tools before but Vumu has integrated CRM, which is good.

Appsumo Plus Member

I went through the onboarding today. The process was very clear and concise, showing me everything I need to know to use the app. I'm really excited about it and look forward to having great success with it.

Appsumo Plus Member