Record Anything, Share Anytime!

Record, share and edit anytime, either it’s a cam recording, screen recording or both, we’ve got it all covered.

The ultimate productivity tool

Make your videos look professional on the fly with VUMU's easy-to-use web recorder and video editor. Vumu provides a full set of features for creating professional video that increase your response rate.

Vumu the best productive and
collaborative tool for businesses

Instanly ready to share videos with Vumu

  • Record Videos, Upload Videos
    Vumu offers the ability to record videos as a screen recording, camera recording or webcam+screen recording.
  • Edit Videos With Our Editing Tools
    Once you've started recording your video, don't worry about it being perfect! We've got you covered with the Vumu Editor that allows you to trim your video. 
  • Choose Your Own Template for Each Project
    Vumu offers templates that are customized to each specific kind of project. Choose the best template for your project and make it stand out!

Vumu is a one-stop solution for recording, personalizing and sharing videos. 

  • Record a Video
    There's no need for complicated filming equipment or assistance. Just select your template, record your video and you're done!
  • Personalize Your Videos
    Vumu lets you add multiple videos, comments on videos and allows you to add brand in the background so that you can send personalized message to each prospect.
  • Send Videos at Scale
    You can share your videos with just a click. To send you can simply share the link of the video or add them to your Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, via Email, or send a private link to anyone you want.

Record videos through our web recorder.

  • No need for expensive software
    Vumu is a reasonable and easy to use web-based tool that lets you record and share videos from your browser - without the hassle of downloading software.
  • Record video through the Vumu extension
    Capture a video recording with a single click using our Vumu extension on Google Chrome.
  • A secure space for your clients
    Vumu makes it easy for you to provide them password-protected proposals options where they can review your proposal in peace without having to worry about unauthorized access.

Record your next great idea

  • Record anything
    Record anything on your screen. It's easy to use, cost-effective and offers you complete freedom. You can also upload an already recorded video if you want to go straight into editing mode.
  • Intuitive & simple interface
    The intuitive interface will have you recording in seconds. And with our built-in screen recorder, it couldn't be easier! So you'll never have to worry about losing any inspiration or idea again.
  • One tap recording
    Simply tap on the screen and start recording - it really couldn't get any easier than that! All of your videos are automatically saved so there's no need to worry about losing anything.

A must-have tool for any teams.

Vumu For Team Collaboration

Share your work with your team to keep everyone in the loop.
Vumu For Designe
Give visual feedback on designs by highlighting, drawing and leaving comments in the video.
Vumu For Sales

Increase your response rate by creating personalized videos and add them in your emails.
Vumu For Customer Success
Send videos to your customers throughout their customers journey, to convert, welcome and retain them for the longer run.
Vumu For Marketing

Send videos with your branding to your customers to convert leads and to increase engagement.
Vumu For Online Tutorials
Create video tutorials for your customers and help them use your application better

What customers are saying

“Using Vumu makes me look like a Superhero to all my colleagues.”

Jonathan Wilson
Product Design Manager

“Responding to emails with a Vumu video allows for more dynamic engagement in the response.”

Joanna Williamson
Marketing Manager

Increase your response rate with Vumu