How To Get A Meeting
with Anyone Online

From the desk of Hammad Akbar. Founder of TruConversion.


Firstly, let me thank you for checking out this presentation.

In short, here I’m sharing the uncanny outreach strategy I discovered years back. This strategy allows me and my clients to get a positive response rate as high as 90% on all our prospecting emails and LinkedIn messages. 

And I don’t mean positive responses from prospects like, “Maybe, send me more info…” 

Only to fall off the radar… 

And ghost the living daylights out of the follow-up messages where we try to get them on an actual call.

I mean responses like, “WOW, man! This is the best outreach message I’ve ever got! Send me a calendar link ASAP”

Then, normally, they book a call right away… and… 

They Actually Show Up On The Call Excited To See What We Have To Offer!

We and our clients get dozens of similar responses from prospects for high-ticket services every single day.

And once you go over this message and apply the strategies I’ve shared here, you will too.

I know this may sound unbelievable.

But please bear with me for just a second. 

I’ll show you why and how we and our clients are routinely getting
responses like that. 

By the way, just in case you are wondering — this is NOT a sales page. There’s nothing to buy here.

That said, let’s begin:

As you may have noticed I’m not exactly the guru type. I don’t give seminars. I don’t have plenty of fancy books to my name. I don’t give speeches on some big marketing events. I don’t promote my name and my personal brand.

In fact, as of now, the only way you can get access to me, my skills, knowledge, and 10+ years of experience in outreach is…

If You (Or More Realistically Your Company) Hire Me And My Team For At Least $15k!

I’m an entrepreneur. 

I spend most of my time building and selling software-based businesses and consulting other companies on outreach strategies. That’s all I do.

Why am I telling you all this?

Simply because I dare say I’ve been able to achieve a certain level of success DESPITE not being in the limelight… not having a big brand… and not promoting my name or my company.

In fact, over the past few years I’ve built and sold multiple software companies.

And I made a few million dollars in the process. And I was able to do it mainly due to the unique outreach strategies I’m sharing with you here.

You see, it is my belief that it doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneur, just starting out building your business, or are running a marketing agency with dozens of employees…

Doesn’t matter.

I honestly think the #1 key to stress-free, successful life is…

The Ability To Get A Meeting With Anyone You Want!

That’s right. Most of us with at least some experience in our line of work are fairly good at pitching our services.

Furthermore, even if you’re just starting out and you’re not as well-versed at selling your products or services… if you had 10-15 calls with interested prospects you could definitely close a client or two.

The problem is… getting interested prospects is hard. 

All of our potential clients are constantly being bombarded by dozens of prospecting messages every day.

By some estimates an average entrepreneur receives 12-15 emails every single day from people who want to “hop on a call” and sell some products and services to them.

There’s no exact data on this but from my experience I can tell they get at least 3-4 prospecting messages on LinkedIn too.

The problem is, NONE of these messages stand out.

They are crummy, cheesy, and boring.

And even if the prospecting messages you’re sending out to your prospects on LinkedIn or via email are great…

Chances are high your prospect realizes it’s a pitch, their mind will just shut off to everything you’re saying.

As you’ll see in a second, the way I and my team go about outreach is very different from how most marketers do it. With our strategies both we and our clients routinely see response rates as high as 90%.

Whether it’s an email campaign to get high-ticket prospects for an agency…

Or a LinkedIn campaign aimed at getting “hot” guests for a podcast…

The results you get with our unique strategies normally beat your industry average by at least 200%.

One more disclaimer, and I’ll get straight to the heart of this message:

I’ve shared a shorter version of this presentation with a portion of my list via email a few months ago.

As a matter of fact, few of the go-getters who did receive it applied it straight away. And they were able to increase the response rate to their outreach messages by x3… on average.

Another person who is providing email marketing services was able to land his first $3k retainer client by merely using one of the “templates” I’m sharing on this page.

So if you were among the ones who got it a few months ago — I still believe this will be a good refresher. (Also I’ve updated and modified this piece a lot.)

If you haven’t received it a few months back – 

I strongly recommend you go over this presentation. And start using the ideas I lay out here as soon as possible. So you can start landing high-ticket clients of your own.

Without further ado let’s begin.

Do you remember the subject line of the email which got you to this page?

It was about me sharing a $10 gift with you. But, I must confess — that's not entirely true.

You see, embedded in this presentation is a powerful, invisiblesubliminal persuasion device... which... for you... is going to be worth far, FAR more than 10 bucks.

In fact, for a tiny handful of elite, savvy marketers it has hauled in over $23.7M in 2021 alone!

(Not counting the high-profile connections it helped them get which is beyond value.)

Sounds crazy. I know.

But please take a look at the image below and tell me what it is you see:

If you're like most people, you probably see a picture of a crisp,
new 10 dollar bill.

Yet, it is not *just* an image of a $10 bill. In reality, it is something called a "grabber."

It was developed back in 1980s by the marketing legend - Gary Halbert.

And this exact $10 bill you're looking at right now is responsible for the creation of multiple seven- and eight- figure businesses and...

Close To $500M In Sales!

This device has also been key in tearing down a few juggernaut companies by "stealing" their most valuable clients for the shrewd marketers who used it.

Anyway, why am I telling you all this? 

Look. Like it or not, our prospects and people we want to connect - or do any type of business with - don't really care about us.

Not when they first hear from us at least. They don't care about our products. Or our services. They're even immune to the benefits we could bring for them.

They've seen and heard all those pitches and promises way too many times to pay any heed to ours.

That's called ad blindness.

It's when a person is exposed to marketing messages so often he doesn't really "see" yours... even when he's looking right at it.

That's why the way most people go about prospect outreach and relationship-building sets them up for a sure-fire failure.

Because no matter how great your prospecting message is… most of the time your prospect won’t see it.

This is true for 2023. This WILL be true for 2024. This will be true for all the years that follow.

And it even WAS true back in the 80s, when people were bombarded with print ads (especially direct mail ads) all the time.

That's exactly why Gary Halbert came up with the idea of grabbers.

Grabbers (like the $10 bill above) allow you to break through the ad blindness and get your prospect to actually tune in to what you're saying — and — respond to your message.

Moreover, if it's the right kind of a grabber — I'll show where to get the right kind in a sec — the prospect feels GUILTY for NOT responding to you. So he's almost forced to reply to your outreach message.

Back in his day, Gary had come up with lots of different grabbers.

But the most effective one he's ever tested was a $10 bill he pinned to the top of his sales letters.

Think about it:

Imagine you've got a mail from a total stranger.

You tear open the envelope.

Pull out the letter... and... the first thing you lay your eyes on is a...

Crisp 10 dollar bill attached at the top!

Wouldn't you at least check out what the letter is all about?

You would, of course.

Now here's where it gets really spicy:

Since 2001, various marketers spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours struggling to digitalize and use the power of the $10 grabber... in their online efforts.

For those savvy guys it was clear as day:

If they pulled it off...

The small fortune they'd spend creating online grabbers... would bring a hundred-fold return on their investment.

Especially if they were the first ones to do it.

Some did, in fact, succeed. But to a very limited degree.

You see, the expenses of creating and using online grabbers were so high they had to… 

Sell Products And Services Worth At Least $10k-$15k To Justify The Costs!


Fact of the matter is, the best grabber in the entire world is money. Cash. Real money your prospect can hold in his hands. 

On the other hand, obviously, you can’t put cash in your prospect’s hands online. Which brings us to the second-best attention-grabber in the entire world which is… 

Hyper Personalization!

Without beating around the bush, let me quickly show you what I mean.

Let’s say you have a prospect you want to get a meeting with. And sell him on some product or service you offer. Let’s say your prospect’s name is John. John runs a company called, “Cool Widgets.”

Now, imagine instead of a crummy, age-old “outreach message” John gets an email from you or a message on social media that looks like this:

Wow! It can’t help but raise his curiosity, can it?

So he clicks on the image.

Then he lands on a landing page that says this:

Are we pulling his curiosity strings or what?

John clicks on the video to see what is it you’re about to tell him. 

Right in the beginning of the video he hears you calling out his name and the name of the company he runs.

Like, “Hey John, thank you for checking out this message. If you give me a minute of your time I want to show you how you can increase your profits at your company, “Cool Widgets” by up to 200% in the next 13 days.” 

Now, is he going to pay heed to what you’re going to say, or what?

Oh, my friend, you bet he will!

In fact, we’ve launched a campaign very similar to the one I just showed you in December, 2021. We sent it to 1003 cold prospects who didn’t know us from Adam. And from DEC, 2021 - APR, 2022 it has pulled in close to 600 high-ticket leads for us. 

And they resulted in over $700,000 worth of closed deals for us and our clients in the space of 4 months.

In fact, we were closing so many deals we’ve been only running this campaign rarely a week. 

Otherwise we simply wouldn’t be able to meet the enormous demand this campaign was generating for our high-ticket services. 

But as I said above, the problem is, normally, it’s awfully hard to create these at scale.

And as you can imagine creating personalized grabbers like the ones above individually takes quite some time.

So yes, they are crazy effective. You can – and I highly recommend you do - use this hyper-personalized approach. You WILL see response rates higher than you (or anyone else) ever could with ho-hum “outreach emails.”

But imagine if you could do it 
at wild scale?

Imagine if you could send 
hundreds of personalized outreach campaign like the ones above to hundreds of targeted prospects every week.

Given how ridiculously effective those are… 

You’d Have To Hire An Extra Pair Of Hands Just To Meet The Demand!

In fact, each of your prospecting campaigns would pull in so many hot leads and closed deals… you probably…

Wouldn’t Be Able To Afford To Run These Video Outreach Campaigns More Than Twice A Month! (Unless you scaled your team.)

That was the case with me when I started using them. 

In fact, when I just started using individualized video grabbers…
And started getting meetings with high-ticket clients… 

Who were EAGER to see what I have to offer…

Making money was so easy it felt as if…

Take my word for it… if you did, it could literally change your life.

I Robbed A Bank!

But, for a long time it was simply impossible to do it at scale. 

You’d have to write a script. And record a personalized video for each prospect individually. 

Yes, the sweat and toil that went into the process was 100% worth it. 

Because the response rates you get in return are sky-high. 

But still I couldn’t create more than 2-3 videos a day. 

Otherwise I’d have to spend 
all my time creating these videos and putting together outreach campaigns. 

That would leave me no time to run and grow my 

That’s why…

After years of grinding, my team and I were able to create an app... 

Which allows you to produce and use individualized online grabbers (including personalized videos) at a dirt-cheap price...

At Scale!

As a result, you'll be able to: 

Reach out, grab attention, get your message across, get a response and schedule a meeting with almost ANYONE you want… at wild scale.

Now, I plan on going public with this app in less than a month. 

But before I do that, I wanted to give everyone on my list the opportunity to grab it at a 
reduced price. 

If you manage to claim my offer…

You’ll be able to use these online grabbers in your messages (I'll show exactly how) to… 

Pull in clients, deals, investors, interviewees, employees, or to simply connect and start a relationship with people you're interested in. 

(Yes, even the
 big-shotsunlimited amount of them at a lower price than anyone will ever pay for them...)

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Hammad Akbar

P.S. By the way, including the image of a $10 bill at the top of your outreach emails works like crazy today too. Feel free to use those bunnies along with other grabbers I showed you here.